Atrium Events

Beauty and Comfort — Rain or Shine

On a sunny day our movable glass covering opens up to the sky and a 2,000 square foot deck. All of it directly facing the ocean for a panoramic view of the sun, the moon and the stars. On days with less-than-ideal weather our fully enclosed glass canopy slides into place. This allows your special event to continue in climate controlled comfort. Rain or shine it all happens with a view that makes your affair incredibly memorable.

Outdoor Wedding Atrium
beachside wedding venue Atrium LI

The Perfect Location

Special events should be just that — special. Nothing’s more exceptional than the ocean. Notable gatherings should take place at the ultimate setting. Atrium offers just that with a perfect location providing some of nature’s most glorious sunsets.

Under the Moon and the Stars

Atrium at Sunny Atlantic is a scenic venue completely enclosed in glass. The ceiling opens up for an “al fresco” experience offering a “destination experience” that’s right here at home.